Taproot Incorporated
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Education Through the Media Arts

* Taproot's mission is to help reduce the incarceration or institutionalization of children and youth by meeting developmental needs through the interactive use of the Media Arts, blending digital technology, neuroscience and the creative process. 

* Not just an entertainment resource.....but an Educational Brand you can easily use
* We use the human potential for awareness
and movement to unleash what's
possible. We do it with STYLE!

From Meth Education to Special Education
* What people are saying:

"Brilliant, simply brilliant"

"...Amazing, fun, engaging!"

"Hope to see it grow in all areas of education and justice.."

Guerilla Filmmaking 
with a Hollywood Flair DVD
on Amazon.com

​More than just a movie....
create a learning and teaching experience for self-awareness and self-control!

Email us for a FREE COPY of the written lesson plan
You and your camera can get a "Hollywood" look
with Guerilla Filmmaking and use the movie-making "process" as a developmental learning experience
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Crisis Intervention Education for law enforcement is our current project. Replicable in your own town.