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Linda Flanders, CEO
Flanders has a degree in Criminal Justice and was a detective for the San Francsico Police Dept., specializing in child abuse. She has been a Feldenkrais Practitioner for 22 years. Flanders is an independent filmmaker, educational video producer, published writer and  conference presenter. She dabbles in stand up comedy and improv. 
About Taproot Incorporated
Founded in 1997, this is a small family-owned company. We specialize in the use of the Media Arts for human development, community development, and education. 
We help produce educational DVD applications for healthier human behavior, personal engagement and accelerated learning. The learning process can be applied to anything. It's practical, unique, memorable, elegant and easy! By creating "how to" videos, we help people learn on their own, at their own pace.  

​In our personal work, we began developing "Guerilla Filmmaking" as a summer program for children with atypical behavior. It soon grew to include schools and community work which can be applied to any educational topic or social issue. The research and foundation of the work is documented in The Matrix Model by Dorothy Halla-Poe, Ph.D. and includes human development, various learning styles, neuroscience and The Feldenkrais Method®.

In 2008, the program was nominated by the State of Wisconsin to the SAMHSA's Midwest Science to Service Academy as a Most Promising prevention program. It is now part of the Learning Enrichment Activities Program (LEAP) at a juvenile correctional facility. In 2013, this LEAP program was recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence by the Minnesota Correctional Association. 
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The Feldenkrais Method®

​Anthropologist Margaret Mead claimed this was "the most sophisticated method for reversing the deterioration of function." This method of learning is movement based. It expands our 
"human" capacity physically and neurologically,  growing our range of choices. It teaches us to direct our own learning and to work "smarter" not harder. The Feldenkrais Method® works with the entire human system rather than fragmenting people into parts. Our thoughts, emotions and behavior are interconnected. Through changing habitual movement patterns, we can change the physical and mental habits that limit our human potential. Founder Moshe Feldenkrais was a physicist, judo expert, and engineer, basing his pioneering work on both Eastern and Western influences.
For more information, contact The Feldenkrais Guild® of North America:

Guerilla Filmmaking with a Hollywood Flair™

From watching the video, you learn to remember the Number 3:
3 Camera angles
X 3 Camera heights
X 3 Camera movements
 Get 27 possibilities to make your movie look professional in just minutes.

Learn to teach acts to "freeze" and you've SAVED HOURS of editing time

PLUS implemented an approach to improve human behavior and learning....in a very fun way!


Halla-Poe has degrees in human development, counseling and clinical psychology. She had a career in program development for young adults with traumatic brain injury. Halla-Poe documented the foundation of Taproot's work and early case studies in the book, The Matrix Model, available on Amazon.com She consults on projects and scripts.